615 Waffles

One of my very favorite waffles in America was at a hotel in Texas. It was shaped like….you guessed it! Texas! I like waffles but my husband LOVES waffles. I heard the other day the the popular food truck 615_Waffles was opening a brick and mortar store tonight. My husband and son had been to the food truck before so we thought it would be worth a trip to the shop. As luck would have it we were the very first customers for their opening night!

We got to East Nashville about 3:30 so we had a little time to wander around and see what shops had opened and closed since the last time we were out there. We found a little tea and coffee shop called International Tea and Coffee Company. All of the tea is loose in jars, you choose what you want, take it to the counter, and they weigh it out for you. My daughter chose a tea and got an ounce to bring home.

The first thing you will notice when you walk in the door is the glorious scent of fresh baked waffles. You can choose from a regular liege waffle, churro waffle, bubble waffle, or vegan/gluten free waffles. You can choose your ice cream (supplied by the Pied Piper Creamery) and then choose your toppings. Or you can choose from their suggested menu. My husband and I both chose the Waffle Boss but I asked for no extra peanuts and substituted M n M’s instead. My son chose S’mores, and my daughter chose The Birds and the Bees (this is lavender and honey ice cream with fresh berries). When asked what the Birds and Bees meant my son said….uh birds and bees? It might be time for a little conversation.

While we were devouring our delicious ice cream topped waffles we had the opportunity to talk to Aisha, the owner of 615 Waffles and her business partner from FlyBoys (another popular food truck). They make everything in house and are hoping to try and get a vegan oreo icecream in the near future.

If you get a chance to get over to East Nashville 615 Waffles is located at 1100 Fatherland St St 102. You won’t be sorry. Plus they have a super cute Instagram worthy spot with waffle print pillows!

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