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Twenty One Pilots

This weekend the family and I took a quick road trip to Atlanta for the Twenty One Pilots Takeover Tour. They have been playing several sized venues in the different cities that they visit and we were able to get tickets at the State… Continue Reading “Twenty One Pilots”

Dog Bites and the Oregon trail

One of the ways I have been trying to keep sane over the last few months is by trying to keep myself active. In August I signed up for the Rock and Roll Music City 32 mile challenge. It gave me a goal to… Continue Reading “Dog Bites and the Oregon trail”

As Seasons Change

I know it feels like 2020 has lasted way more than a year for probably everyone. The official start of the Covid pandemic was March 11, 2020. Which for us in Tennessee was preceded a week earlier by a devastating tornado. As all of… Continue Reading “As Seasons Change”

How Long Ago in 2020?

This year has been quite a doozy. I was looking at some of the different things that have happened over the year and thought I would post them here. This is really just a big long list for me to remember the good, bad,… Continue Reading “How Long Ago in 2020?”

How’s Your Apocalypse Going?

Just checking in to see how you are doing these days. Are you dressing up in costumes to take the trash out and hanging out in your PJs? Are you getting up everyday and getting ready like you are going to see the world?… Continue Reading “How’s Your Apocalypse Going?”


How are you feeling these days? I have to be honest up until this morning I have been doing just fine with “Staying safer at home”. I have been to the grocery store, I took a meal to a family, and have taken some… Continue Reading “QUARANTINE Blues”

Nosy Rosy

Yesterday my grandparents were on my mind. My Grandma has been gone two years and my Grandpa almost two. They lived out in Amish country in Michigan and we would try to visit and stay with them out on their farm. My Grandpa was… Continue Reading “Nosy Rosy”

B & K DIY..and We Still Like Each Other

This weekend my kiddos were out of town on a church retreat. You might think my husband I would live it up and party. If your definition of party is fix the shower and install a new vanity you are correct! We did party!… Continue Reading “B & K DIY..and We Still Like Each Other”

Calgon, Take Me Away

Do you remember those old commercials? I pretty much thought when I was a grown up I would get to take baths and all my troubles would melt away. Alas, as an adult I am actually fixing the tub so I can use it… Continue Reading “Calgon, Take Me Away”

Dog Fights and Good Neighbors

We live in a neighborhood that is often referred to as Mayberry. We have lived in this neighborhood for quite some time and have pretty great neighbors. I can jump on the group page and ask if someone has a roasting pan and someone… Continue Reading “Dog Fights and Good Neighbors”

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