As Seasons Change

I know it feels like 2020 has lasted way more than a year for probably everyone. The official start of the Covid pandemic was March 11, 2020. Which for us in Tennessee was preceded a week earlier by a devastating tornado. As all of that hit spring was just beginning and new growth was peeking out of the earth. I am always hopeful in the spring as I see new leaves starting to form out my window.

My dog’s footprint in the mud

As everything shut down it didn’t feel like a new beginning. It felt foreboding and scary. While wildlife and the great outdoors continued I felt us retreat. I have to say I am thankful for the time my family has had to spend together over the previous months. While the end of senior year was pretty stinky for my daughter, we got to cherish many moments with her before she went to college in the fall.

As spring waned and the temperature rose we had many things to look forward to. Obviously blogging was not one of them. I was reading a ton but didn’t post my books. And then I just stopped reading. I guess I go in spurts where I read a lot but then dry spells where the thought of picking up a book bores me to tears.

You can see the sweat from a very short
hike to see 3 states at one time.
You know it is summer when the cicadas start to sing

Throughout the summer I started walking. Of course it was a billion degrees and the humidity was the worst but it took my mind off of other things. We fished, we camped, we hiked, and explored the great outdoors. I think many people did the same. There was a shortage on bicycles. We finally got one for my son in August.

As summer carried on a season in our home changed again as we took our first born to college. It wasn’t long until the weather followed suit and changed as well. Fall came and leaves have changed.

In the Smokey Mountains
Fort Oglethorpe

As the seasons have changed the pandemic has continued. There are still restrictions and as we head into winter friends in other states have said their restaurants are closing again. Some places are having difficulty getting toilet paper and paper towels. As we dive headlong into winter I hope that people will be safe, will be thoughtful, and will reach out if they need help. I hope this will be a short winter with an end in sight for the pandemic.

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