Dog Bites and the Oregon trail

One of the ways I have been trying to keep sane over the last few months is by trying to keep myself active. In August I signed up for the Rock and Roll Music City 32 mile challenge. It gave me a goal to reach while trudging along step after step. As I completed that challenge my sister asked if I would join her on the Oregon Trail Challenge. If you are a child of the 80’s you definitely played The Oregon Trail on your Apple IIgs and were always disappointed when you died of dysentery. This challenge requires 2000 miles before May 15th and you can run, walk, bike, crawl, or convert your miles from things like water aerobics or Krav Maga. The beauty is you don’t have to do it alone. So we recruited a couple of active friends and started heading our wagon west. So far we have made it 946 miles and through four of the virtual checkpoints. Since August I have walked almost 200 miles.

Yesterday, I was so excited to push our wagon over the next checkpoint so I took off for my morning walk. About ten minutes in a dog came running off a porch and bit me! This wasn’t a small dog, this was a dog that looked like Marmaduke or Scooby Doo. Thankfully I wore a jacket so when it grabbed me it got a mouthful of jacket and only bruised my back. As it grabbed me I yelled “NO”! It lunged while snarling and ran off behind the house. If I had been thinking I would have gone up to the house and pounded on the door. However, I wanted to get away as quick as I could so I stopped again in about ten minutes to fill out a dog bite form and a vicious dog form. Later on in the morning I got a call back from Animal Control who said they wouldn’t file either report because the dog didn’t break the skin.

A little history with me and dogs. We had a dog, when I was a kid, that was supposed to be a lab I think but it was clearly more Doberman. It was dopey and big and if anyone came to the door it sounded like it was going to rip their head off. One day I was walking her and she pulled me down a drain pipe where I smashed into a bar that had spikes on it. I have a scar on my leg that never bled. It just gave me an indent. When I was ten I was delivering girl scout cookies when an insane dog that was chained in the carport attacked me and bit my leg. It bit me through my jeans so I had scratches and a bruise the size of grapefruit. The next week I was chased by a German Shepard while riding my bike. That dog got kicked in the face. My neighbor’s Rottweiler knocked me down and thankfully just slobbered on me. Needless to say, there is a history and a reason I am not much of a dog person. Weirdly, my friends dog’s all seem to sense that and want me to be their best friend as soon as I sit down in their house.

We got our dog when the kids were little and she died in August. I loved that dog but I definitely prefer cats. They are just easier. Our dog was a garbage disposal that ate everything but she as not a mean dog. She barked like fool at our neighbor’s dogs but she was never allowed to run the neighborhood, we always took her out on a leash, and we always cleaned up after her on our walks.

Yesterday’s experience reminded me of why I am not much of a dog person and why I need to carry a big stick when I walk. It also made me think about social media and how I post in different groups.

In my neighborhood watch group I was shaken when I posted but was firm in saying whoever owned the dog better come get it. I was thankful it was me and not a kid. On my own page it was an ode to 2020. In my Oregon Trail group it was a silly in character post.

I need to go out and walk today but I am a little nervous that the dog is out again today. If it is out there and comes at me again at least I didn’t die of dysentery!

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