Twenty One Pilots

This weekend the family and I took a quick road trip to Atlanta for the Twenty One Pilots Takeover Tour. They have been playing several sized venues in the different cities that they visit and we were able to get tickets at the State Farm Arena on the last night of their Atlanta gigs. Our fam has been fans since the Blurry Face album and this concert did not disappoint.


Both of my kiddos love music but my daughter especially will go look up previous music and learn about the bands so we were able to listen to several albums on our drive. Both kids knew that Jay Joseph, who opened at the arena, is Tyler’s little brother. Bobby made the comment that Jay sounded a lot like Twenty One Pilots earlier music. We enjoyed seeing him open!

Our seats were up in the nosebleeds of the arena but we were facing the stage which was great. Hubs and I both looked at the mass of people in the pit, standing only area, and thought “no thanks”. Standing in a crowd like that seems like torture at this point in our lives! I mean, we are not 19 anymore moshing in the Warehouse at APU’s LollapAzusa (our Christian college answer to Lollapalooza) or shoegazing to Smashing Pumpkins at the Anaheim Pond. However, the superfan in the row in front of us probably wished she was down there. We were excited to be there, my kids were excited to be there, that girl’s enthusiasm was unmatched and it was a joy to behold.

Look at that pit!

Twenty One Pilots used to have four members but since 2011 has been Tyler Joseph and Josh Dunn. For some of the songs they included a band that included violin, trumpet, accordion, bass, and guitar. Josh plays drums and occasional trumpet. Tyler plays piano and sings. Both perform various antics and costume changes throughout the show. I was so impressed by this concert! the lighting, the theatrics, but most of all the music and how they chose to perform their songs. There were several seamless medleys of songs, few songs that Tyler didn’t even sing because the crown sang them for him, and my favorite, a campfire on stage! The energy of being in a live arena venue was incredible. I did attempt to see Garth Brooks in Nashville with my son but our show got cancelled due to lightning and didn’t get rescheduled. People were excited there too but the energy of being smushed together in the breezeway to avoid being struck by lightning is far different than singing along with an arena crowd.

Amazing light show

Once the concert was over we joined the massive hoard in our exit from the arena and I couldn’t help but think “this is how the zombie apocalypse starts, fitting that we are in Atlanta”. We were able to walk through Olympic Park to get back to our car that was parked about a quarter of a mile from the venue. While the parking situation in our big truck was a very tight fit we were pleasantly surprised to find we only had to pay $7! Parking next to the CNN area was $30-$40!

Heading for home

If you get a chance to see Twenty One Pilots I highly recommend seeing them. They put on an excellent show and you won’t be sorry!

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