Dorie’s Cookies: Cocoa Almond Thumbprints

I got my Baking with Dorie cookbook last week and got excited to jump back on the baking bandwagon!

Cocoa Almond Thumbprints

Today is a recipe from Dorie’s Cookies. It was really easy to mix up and there were only a few ingredients. The most difficult part was chopping the almonds as the blade for my food processor is missing. Not to worry though I pulled out my handy dandy chopper from the Pampered Chef selling days and used some good ol’ muscle power. Full disclosure I made my hubs and son also take a turn chopping because our counter is a tiny bit tall for me.

Dough, double boiler, filling, finished

Now you might be thinking ” what else could Karen mess up while making this easy recipe?” Well, I’ll tell you that putting 3 ozs of chocolate chips and 3 tablespoons of heavy cream in the microwave for an entire minute equals clumpy chocolate ganache. Round two using a double boiler method was much more effective. 🙂

Hubs first reaction after eating half a cookie was that the chocolate was bitter but sweeter as he got to the almonds and coconut. I used dark chocolate and should have gone for semisweet I think. My son said they were good. Hopefully they will eat them up because I can’t send them to youth group due to nut allergies. I ate the second half of hubs cookie and I really liked it. I really like macaroons though.

If you would like to join in the baking fun check out Tuesdays with Dorie and if you would like to see how other bakers cookies turned out go to this Tuesdays with Dorie link.

8 Comments on “Dorie’s Cookies: Cocoa Almond Thumbprints

  1. Your comment went to spam again, but I found it and posted it– so sorry that is happening! I really like macaroons, too, and I’m hoping these remind me of an Almond Joy. 🙂


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