Baking with Dorie: English Muffins


I’m feeling inspired. Maybe because the the weather is starting to cool off again, or maybe it is because Dorie’s new cookbook is out and I am excited to make all the things! Yesterday I dug out my dough hooks for my mixer… which I don’t think I have ever actually used, gave them a good wash and went to town on the dough. Well, I whipped up the dough after the power came back on in my neighborhood. For some reason, we have been losing power fairly frequently all of a sudden. When we moved to our neighborhood years ago the power would go out all of the time. We finally got a transformer upgrade (that must have been after the one behind our house blew up and took out power to just the middle of our house) and it hasn’t been nearly as bad until recently. Who knows, more traffic, more people taking out power poles due to staring at their phones instead of the road, etc…

ANYWAY, the dough for these was really easy to whip up and I was thrilled to see my dough hooks worked so well! Dorie cautions not to walk away while mixing as your mixer might decide to jump off the counter. While that didn’t happen it did seem like my mixer was possessed as it kept unlocking and relocking itself to mix the dough. I had never seem it do that before but I guess that is what happens when you use the dough hooks. I know, I know… look it up in the manual. Um, I have no idea where the manual might be for my mixer. It didn’t overheat and it didn’t release the magic blue smoke that so many of my small appliances seem to be prone to so I am taking a possessed mixer over broken any day.

Oh yes, English Muffins. These needed an hour rise time in a warm place covered with a clean kitchen towel. So I found one of my tea towels and set let the dough rise on top of my stove. They then needed to rest in the fridge for at least three hours. I discovered I didn’t have any eggs (not needed for this recipe) so while the dough was resting I went to the store.

Four Hours Later: I took the dough out deflated it and cut it up into twelve extremely uneven pieces, rolled them into balls, and let them rest for another hour on my toasty stove top. The boys had a fishing meeting so while they were gone I griddled the muffins, poked them with a fork, baked some bacon, and enjoyed a bacon, egg, and cheese English Muffin for dinner. When they got home all they had to do was make their eggs. My mom mentioned that she and dad would like to try them but I won’t see them until tomorrow and I have a feeling my hubs and son may finish them off before then. Sorry mom! I did just eat one with butter and orange marmalade as I have been writing.

These were not difficult to make but it was a long process. Next time I would make the dough and let them rest over night so I wouldn’t have as long to make them in the morning. We all enjoyed them and they were perfect for dinner and breakfast!

I’d love it if you baked along so go buy Dorie’s book Baking with Dorie. We bake from this book the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. You can check out the other Tuesdays with Dorie bakers here. Also, you can check out a video of Dorie making her English Muffins here.

13 Comments on “Baking with Dorie: English Muffins

  1. The rest over night makes it easier, I kneaded by hand. Worked too.

    Your muffins liok wonderful


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