Last of the Bunch Banana Bundt Cake

Way back in 2010 my friend Melissa asked several of us ladies to be part of a cooking club. We started the Spam and Anchovies cooking club with a ginger themed night. At the beginning the host would create the menu and each person would bring ingredients so we could cook together and learn new techniques. After awhile we decided to switch to a potluck style where the host still chose the menu and each person brought dishes from the selected recipes. Eventually our cooking club morphed into a going out to dinner club which was fine but can get expensive. Unfortunately our little group got busier and busier as life does and we rarely get to meet up anymore.

In January we had one of those rare kismet nights were the stars aligned and we got to get together. My friend Anne opened her home and welcomed us for a lovely dinner. Melissa brought a squash soup, Anne had several delicious appetizers, Kenna brought some amazing cheese and I took Last of the Bunch Banana Bundt cake. I had actually been planning to take that to our church small group but I am glad I didn’t as several people despise coconut.

I kind of love bundt cakes because they are not that difficult to put together and they come out looking so pretty because of the pans. This cake was no exception. I rounded up my lovely cake taker and schelpped it over to Anne’s. One of the reasons we don’t get to meet as much anymore is because we all live fairly far apart and with the increase in Nashville traffic it makes it more difficult to get places around dinner time. As you can see my frosting was a little bit runny but it was still tasty.

If you despise coconut like Tallahassee in Zombieland (it’s not the taste, it’s the consistancy) you might not be a fan of this cake.

But, if like Columbus, you like a good SnoBall, you might want to dig right in. I for one loved this and my Spam and Anchovies ladies liked it as well. I did leave some for Anne’s son and made sure to bring some home for my crew. They loved it but I have to admit my family has a bit of a sweet tooth.

If you would like to make this you can find it on page 251 of Everyday Dorie. And if you would like to see how the other bakers in Cook the Book Fridays did you can click here. Since we are stuck at home and you probably have a few bananas hanging out ready for baking anyway give it a shot! 🙂

9 Comments on “Last of the Bunch Banana Bundt Cake

  1. Oh no, Karen, you made me order Everyday Dorie! It will be here on the 30th! ( Dad is going to kill me! Not!) I’m sure he will love the cake.😜


  2. Loved your story about your cooking club and reunion! What fun…and what a great cake to bring to share. I don’t particularly like banana bread or coconut, but my family and friends that tried this loved it! Great job on the cake.


    • Thank you! I am glad your family and friends liked it! 🙂


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