Everyday Dorie: Choose Your Own Adventure

This week was another week of choosing what we wanted to cook or bake from Dorie Greenspan’s “Everyday Dorie”. Since I am so far behind I chose two options from the list of already completed recipes. For dinner I made Salmon Burgers p.174. For dessert Apple Custard Crisp p.276

I didn’t actually tell anyone what I was making until my hubs walked in the kitchen and said “what is that smell….in a good way?” ” What are you doing to that beautiful piece of salmon?”

The recipe said to put the salmon in a food processor and pulse a few times. My food processor has been on the fritz for quite some time so I sliced and diced the salmon and then chopped it with my Pampered Chef chopper. It worked out well for what I needed. I tossed in all of the ingredients, mixed them up and put the salmon mixture in the fridge to let the flavors meld.

While that was resting I made the streusel for the apple crisp and also put that in the fridge to rest while I chopped all of the apples and mixed up the ingredients for the crisp.

When I pulled the salmon out of the fridge to shape into patties I also pulled out the streusel, topped the apples, and put the crisp in the oven. The salmon patties came together really well. I did add bread crumbs and cooked a little longer than suggested but otherwise stuck pretty close to the recipe. To my surprise my family really liked these salmon burgers! I was also surprised that I liked them. I didn’t have high hopes but ended up thinking they were quite tasty. I made these small so I ended up with eight sliders.

We waited for the crisp to cool just a bit before digging into it. We opted for cool whip as the only ice cream in the freezer was a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Netflix and Chilled…which none of us like very much, hence it actually still being in the freezer. The cool whip was perfect though and everyone declared that they would one hundred percent eat the apple crisp again! Overall another excellent week of cooking through Everyday Dorie!

If you would like to see what everyone else cooked this week check out this link!

You can also cook along with us by purchasing Everyday Dorie. Check it out!

6 Comments on “Everyday Dorie: Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. I think you served Tater Tots with the salmon sliders, right? That’s sorta cheating because everything and anything tastes better when Tater Tots are on the menu! I happen to love salmon burgers but am intrigued by making them smaller and into sliders. I remember that my burgers fell apart. Your adding bread crumbs was a good idea. The apple crisp – who doesn’t love it. Very nice post and a lucky family to enjoy that tasty meal.


  2. Two for the price of one. I am also using the previously made list. I made the salmon burgers which we liked also. I have yet to make the apple crisp but sounds like I should.


  3. Both winners ! Well done you đŸ˜‰ So fun to see you cooking with us again ! Too funny what your husband said about the salmon dicing. I remember thinking the same thing when we did the recipe and that Dorie is the only one we would have done this risky thing for lol. A winner indeed, all of your meal looks fabulous.


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