Every Day Dorie: Chicken and Winter Squash Tangine

I realize, often, as I am writing these posts that I should cook earlier than the night before. That said, last night I made this recipe and took photos in the dark.

I used chicken thighs, didn’t brown them enough because I got impatient, and then didn’t think they would fit in the pan. A tagine is actually an earthenware type of pot that you cook the food in. I just looked them up and realized I could have purchased one at World Market the other day. Dorie suggests a Dutch oven if you don’t have a Tangine. I actually used my huge skillet and it was still a tight fit. But, it was shallower than a Dutch oven and I think that worked in my favor.

The chicken and acorn squash simmered for about 45 minutes and turned out, fall off the bone, tender. My hubs said it tasted fancy, in a good way. There were bright notes from the lemon, along with the deep flavor from the Garam Marsala. Since there are only three of us at home at the moment, and I made twelve thighs, the plan is to shred the rest of the chicken and mix it with some penne and lemon.

This was pretty easy, but did take a couple of hours to make. I think I would definitely make it again though!

Make sure to check out Cook the Books Fridays to see how other chefs liked this!

8 Comments on “Every Day Dorie: Chicken and Winter Squash Tangine

  1. takes some time, but largely hands off, and worth it in the end. i think you’ll have a delicious pasta with those leftover thighs that will practically shred themselves!


  2. I’m never patient with searing chickens, but I kept it together to get the job done this time. The chicken pieces did not take on any color while simmering, so I’m glad I browned them sufficiently. The flavor of the tagine is definitely fancy!


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