EveryDay Dorie: COVid 19 Edition

This week for Cook the Books Friday our moderators had us choose what we wanted to make and post instead of voting and making the same thing since grocery shopping could be hit or miss. I chose Sweet and Smokey Roasted Carrots (pg. 214) and Miso Glazed Salmon (p. 179). They probably should have been made on separate occasions but I had most of the items on hand for both recipes. I was missing miso for the salmon but subbed extra soy sauce. I did look for miso at the grocery store yesterday but still have not been able to find it. Perhaps I will find it soon though for other recipes.

Pre roasting

The secret ingredient for the carrots is smoked paprika. So good! I did a survey a couple of years ago with a research firm about spices. I got paid so much to go in and talk about spices and I got a little extra if I picked the spices up early and actually made something with them. One of the spices was smoked paprika. Up until that point I had only used regular paprika. Since then I haven’t looked back!

I think I would like to try the miso salmon again at some point with the actual miso sauce even though my family really liked it with just the soy sauce. For salmon I typically use a lot of butter, garlic and lemon but it was agreed that this was a good option as well.

Marinating in their happy little bath

Overall my family liked both dishes and would eat them again if I made them. Both of these recipes are catch up recipes since I have been terrible at cooking along with anything over the last year.

If you would like to cook along check out EveryDay Dorie. She has wonderful recipes and amazing cookbooks! If you would like to see what others made check out the Leave Your Link Post at Cook the Books Fridays. There is everything from Banana Bundt Cake and Salmon Burgers to Lettuce Soup, Pimento Cheese, Butter Poached Corn and Grilled Dry Rubbed RibEye Steaks and Citrus Marinated Halibut to Cauliflower Tabbouleh.

11 Comments on “EveryDay Dorie: COVid 19 Edition

  1. Both of these recipes turned out well. I remember when I did the carrots, I didn’t think I would like them, but they were delicious.


  2. Two for two – both winners ! Great job and I loved hearing about your smoked paprika adventures. I picked some up at Penzeys, I think, a while back but never really did a side by side kind of investigation. I glad to hear you found them to be a game changer. Stay healthy !


  3. Great job on the catch up! Both recipes were good…we were surprised how good the carrots were!


  4. Kudos to you for making what you had on hand. I have carrots now so I will try the paprika carrots. I recently made the miso salmon and it was good. Happy baking.


  5. I remember making those carrots and loved them so much. I didn’t expect to and my carrots weren’t very photogenic but they sure were good. Your post is a reminder to make them again. I’m a smoked paprika fan also. I also have made the fish and liked that as well. I think we made this back-to-back because we bought Miso. It was my first time using it and I liked it. So when you have the opportunity, do give it a try. Nice post.


    • It is fun to remember how much we do like certain recipes so we can go back and make them! The finished product looked terrible for me partially because I took a photo on my daughter’s phone. 🙂


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